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Kerry N

As you know, we are going into our 4th season together and I wanted to say thanks!
All of my neighbors have had landscape professionals to manage their properties except me. I take immense pride in my home and in the fact that I did all of the work and my home looked the same as everyone else’s. The problem was that I spent every weekend from May to the end of October making this happen. Full disclosure, every year I would make some kind of mistake, perhaps it was the wrong fertilizer, wrong plant in the wrong place… (you get the picture).

Anyway, until I met you, I did not realized that to go to the next level I needed a professional. My neighbors hire people to cut their grass, trim their bushes/trees, which is fine for most people. While many of these individuals call themselves landscapers when you look closely (as I did) they did not have any type of real knowledge base beyond the average homeowner.

You Rich are a true professional!
From your knowledge of plants and placements to soils to your ability to articulate your message, you are the real thing!
My neighbors now stop and often ask “how, what changed” and I proudly point to your small sign that sits in my yard.
Thank you for what you do and how you do it!

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